Use This Psychological "Trick" To Get More Email Subscribers and Make More Money Online!

“The principle of social proof says so: The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be correct.” - Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialidini is the author of one of the most popular books ever written on persuasion called “Influence”.

He was the first person to coin the term “Social Proof”.

What it basically means is that, we tend to do what everyone else is doing.


Marketers took that principle and started creating all sorts of “Social Proof” notification tools


So these days you’d see lots of websites using this idea. Every time someone makes a sale, you’ll see a popup sales notification... Example “Someone from UK purchased this product”




Most of the time, these notifications are not real.

They are just used to hype up the value of your product.

The idea was simple: When people who are lurking on your website, see that other people are buying your product, they would be more motivated to buy your product.

You can easily see how this ties back with the Cialdini’s concept of Social Proof.


But I always thought something is missing


I always wondered why marketers were not using this concept for email list building?

I mean, showing popup notifications is one thing, but to actually DISPLAY your total number of subscribers in REAL-TIME would take this to a whole new level, don’t you think so?!

But most online businesses aren't doing this yet.

Sure some of them do, but not quiet the way how I visualized it should be done.

It’s not live or real-time. See this for example:


It says “Join 30,000 subscribers...”

When I read that, my mind goes: “If 30,000 people are subscribed to their list, it must be good!”

“Let me join too and see what they have to offer”

Off I go and join their newsletter.


But when I come back to their page, it still says “Join 30,000 others...”

It does not say “Join 30,001...”

You see what’s happening there?!


It’s not real-time


It’s static. That count doesn't self-update. God knows maybe that count is not even real.

I mean look, it’s a great persuasive tactic but it would’ve been even better if that subscriber count would increase in real-time as more and more people joined their list. THAT would be game changing, don’t you think?!

Imagine you have this little snippet on your website that shows...


Join 12,391 Subscribers Like You Who Benefit From Our Daily Lifestyle Newsletter


And then imagine that number (12,391) would self-update automatically anytime when users join your list...

And as more and more people join your list, this count would keep on increasing LIVE in real-time... as it happens.

Wouldn’t that take the whole “Social Proof” concept to a whole new level?!


Unfortunately, there was no tool available in the market which could actually do something as simple as this


Yes, in theory it’s a very easy tactic to use. But believe me, I scoured the whole internet and I couldn’t find any simple tool that can accomplish this.

That’s when I decided to take the matters into my own hands

Necessity is the mother of invention they say. And they are right.

And that’s why and how WP LIST EXPLOSION was born.... *Plays Superman theme music*

Yeppers, I custom developed this Wordpress plugin that can easily - as easy as ABC - do this.

Wp List Explosion connects with your ActiveCampaign list via their API. Then it generates a shortcode for you. You slap that shortcode on any page or post in your WordPress site and voila, it keeps self-updating itself as more and more people join your list.


Is your head already spinning with ideas?!


That’s exactly how I felt when I first conceptualized this idea! As a marketer, I am sure you can see there are soo many different ways this can be utilized.


  • You can put it in the headline of your squeeze page and get more subscribers
  • You can use it to establish trust and loyalty with your users as they see in real time the subscriber count updating
  • You can put it on the top of your WAITING LIST squeeze page just like I did! :D


You want proof that this works?


Even Apple uses this same concept!


See how people line up in huge numbers outside Apple stores just before the launch of their new iphone model?

Now imagine if this Apple store is your landing page, and this huge queue of people is the number of people “Lined Up” in your waiting list...

All these people are waiting to RUSH IN when the doors open.

So what I’m saying is that, this directly links back with the concept of Social Proof.

‘Nuff said ;)

I think you can see how powerful this little thing can be.

Wp List Explosion makes this possible as easy as pie.

But wait, there’s one problem...


What if you don’t have too many subscribers to show off and attract others to join your list?


What if you only had let's say 10 subscribers in your email list?

What if you’re just starting out and you really have ZERO subscribers?

Think about it...

What if there were only 10 people lined up outside the Apple store for the iPhone launch?

The launch would fail right?

And the same thing would happen to you if you don’t have lots of numbers to show off. It would totally destroy the whole point of ‘Social Proof’.

So what can you do about it?


I anticipated this problem while developing Wp List Explosion


I knew this would be a problem for those who don’t have big lists. And so, I took care of that as well! You’re welcome ;)

This makes Wp List Explosion really unique in the market.

So here's how this works:

It allows you to set a number and timer.

Let’s say you set the number to 120 subscribers and timer to 300 minutes.

The plugin would then automatically increase the subscribers count by 120 after every 300  minutes!





Didn’t see that coming did you? ;)

Now, you can set this "Increase Subscribers by X Numbers" and set the "Timer" to Y Minutes.

X can be any amount you want the count the increase by.

And Y can any time interval that you want to set.

This setting will not actually increase your subscribers, but to the outside world it would appear that 100s of people are joining your email list every few hours ;)

And THAT would tap into the whole 'Social Proof' concept... and as you guessed... it would bring in more subscribers.

So even if you're starting with ZERO subscribers.... no problemo!

Ok, Let's Recap...

Increase Your Email List Using The Power of Social Proof

Use the concept of Social Proof to build your email list and watch it grow exponentially! You see this idea being used everywhere around you in your every day life. Think about how people line up outside Apple stores before their product launches - that right there is social proof in action.

Make More Money

We all know 'money is in the list'. This plugin actually helps you build that list by exploiting the psychological triggers of your audience in a way that's never been done before.

Show 'Real-Time' Subscribers Increase Count

Copy/paste a simple snippet of code on any page or post of your WordPress site and dynamically display your list size! The code self-updates as and more people join your list. This ties back to the concept of social proof. Currently there's no other tool in the market that can do this ;)

Set Your Own Subcribers Increment & Time Interval

Just started your list? Got zero subsribers? Don't worry! I got your back ;) With Wp List Explosion, you can tell the plugin to show a 'percieved' increase in your list size at the time interval of your choice! Confused? Watch the video on the top of this page where I show you how this works.

Easy To Install & Use

Installing and using Wp List Explosion is a breeze. Just download the plugin from the download page you get after you purchase Wp List Explosion. Then upload the plugin like any other WordPress plugin and start using it right away. This works right out of the box!

Works With Any WordPress Site

Most of you reading this are already using WordPress to power your websites. This plugin/software is designed to work seamlessly with WordPress

Use on Unlimited Websites That You Own

When you purchase the PRO version, you get to use this plugin on unlimited number of sites that you own!

YES! I Want Instant Access...

One-Time Price. NO Monthly Fee. NO Yearly Fee.

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Backed By Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our passion is to create world class products and training that add value to you as an online entrepreneur.

We believe that you, the buyer, are our #1 priority, and any product you purchase from us should work first time, every time.

IF, within 14 days of purchase, you experience any technical issues with the plugin, simply lodge a support ticket with the details of whatever technical issue you're facing.

If we're not able to fix the technical issue, we will refund all your money back/

So buy now in the full confidence that you'll be receiving quality software and PDF guides, and are covered by our 100% guarantee if we can't resolve any technical issue with the plugin.

We feel this is as fair as we can be and we are sure you can understand this.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What will happen after I complete my purchase?


Answer: After you purchase Wp List Explosion, you'll recieve an automated email from admin(@) that will contain your member's area login details. You will use those login details to access your members area. Inside the members area, you'll find everything you need to get started.



Q. Will this work on Mac or only Windows?

Answer: This is a WordPress plugin, so it's completely web-based and not dependant on whether you use Mac or Windows. As long as your website runs on WordPress, this software will work.


Q. Which email autoresponder does this work with?

Answer: Currently it only works with ActiveCampaign. If there are any future develpments, customers will be notified.


Q. Is training included?

Answer: This is a very simple, easy to use plugin that works right out of the box. We've also included PDF documentation that shows how to use Wp List Explosion.


Osman Safdar

Founder of Digital Profit Labs

Copyright 2020 (c) All Rights Reserved

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