How To Sell ANYTHING on Facebook

99% internet marketers don’t know about this…

But what I’m going to show you proves you can sell ANYTHING on Facebook…

Here’s the background story:

Back in late 2012 my uncle who lives in London called me up and asked me if I can export sheesha flavors to him in UK.

It was a business proposal where I had the opportunity to make at least 10% profits on the cost.

I agreed, even though at the time I didn’t know anything about this market.

If you don’t know what sheesha is….

Well sheesha is the Arabic word for tobacco pipe or hookah, and sheesha flavors are the actual tobacco which come in various flavors like double apple, mint, grapes and so on.

They’re famous all over the world.


I never smoked sheesha myself so i had no idea where to find them and what they costed.

So i started surveying the market and sourcing the flavors. I found a wholesaler who had every kind of sheesha flavors in his warehouse you can imagine. This was all new for me.

Long story short, I sold 50kg worth of flavors to my uncle in London.

It was then when I realized that I might have hit a goldmine…

Look, sheesha is a cheap cheap commodity here in Middle East compared to UK and other European countries.

And it’s extremely popular everywhere in the world.

I’ve never seen a sheesha cafe empty.


That’s when the light bulb went on and I decided to start my own online sheesha business.

The platform I used to get customers?


I had no idea what was about to happen…. get ready to be surprised!

Here’s what I did:

– i created a Facebook page and gave it some fancy name

– i created a logo and an ad using photoshop that took me less than 10 minutes

– i started posting ads on my timeline

To my utter surprise, the page got popular in no time! People started contacting me asking for wholesale prices and discounts. There was so much interest i just couldn’t believe it.

The venture took a good start and i started getting inquiries round the clock.

Remember, this is all WITHOUT using any paid ads.

I was just regularly posting status updates and prospects started sending me messages on my inbox.

So, i took some orders, got the payments and now it was time to make the deliveries. I did the packaging, found out the cheapest cargo service and then delivered the whole junk to their shipment station myself.

First batch delivered. Yaaay.

But i soon realized it wasn’t going to feasible in the long term unless i wanted to scale it real big.

This business required a lot up front costs and overhead charges. And most importantly, it was borderline illegal. Even till this date, there’s no online payment merchant company that allows the selling to tobacco.


I collected payments from Western Union!

Sheesha is a hard niche to crack. But just imagine…

– if I can make it work in this market
– without using paid ads
– without using any kind of online credit card merchant

This goes on to show that you can sell almost anything on Facebook.


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